Your SOCIAL MEDIA KIT design process is about to start! But first,

we need some information from you.  

The more we know about you, your business, your product, or your service, the better we are able to isolate and focus on an appropriate design solution that will enable you to market yourself more successfully. Please don’t assume we will be familiar with any of your industry terminology, or processes, elaborate where you feel is warranted.

This process allows us to design from an informed perspective and is geared to help you think through not just what you like but more importantly, what your audience will find relevant and captivating, what will engage a potential customer and thus make your brand identity more successful.

Type your answers directly below each question. Keep your responses to the point and as succinct as possible, but provide needed detail when you think it would be helpful. In general, more information is always better than not enough so don’t force brevity. After reviewing your answers we will follow up with any additional questions to clarify any information or glean additional insight we might need before proceeding with the creative process. 

How would you like your business to be perceived by those experiencing it on a daily basis?
Describe the value your main product or service adds to your clients.
Who is your audience? Your primary demographic focus? How do you see your business engaging with them?
What type of content does your company posts most often about? *
Who is your primary local and national competition? (Directly or Indirectly) How is your company different from them?
Designs can be delivered in Photoshop or added to their software design tool - e.g. Canva at an additional cost
What social media platform do you need templates for? *
Name *

Do you have any questions about our brand identity design process? Click here to find out how we work and what you can expect. 

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