- Source/Editable File Brand Manual: Why have this? As your brand evolves, your manual will require to be updated to incorporate new elements that are added to the brand over time (stationery designs, grids, social media visual designs, etc). As a living document, it is good to have the editable original file so any designer, at any given time, can update it without having to redo the entire document from scratch. Cost: $50

- Corporate Stationery Package: Includes the design of business cards (2 x people) + 1 x letterhead + 1 pocket folder + 1 with compliments slip + 1 x notepad 

Cost $175 and it includes all the print-ready files, as well as all the source editable files.

- Social media Kit: Includes 5 x designs to create social media posts for social media. This will ensure consistency when posting for your brand. Cost is $90 per channel (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc). Files are delivered either in Photoshop or Illustrator or if you use Canva, I can also create the designs on your account. 

As well as any of the above, I can also design brochures, patterns for your website and promotional material, promotional items, posters to promote courses, etc... all to ensure that your brand guidelines and style are followed correctly. 

If I can help with anything else that is not listed above, please let me know.