Branding Consultation Services


When people think of your brand, what comes to mind?

What customers think and feel about a brand often determines why one is chosen over another. Make your brand stand out and be remembered through effective branding.

An immersive, one-on-one workshop that will help you define and create a recognisable, engaging and successful brand that brings results for your business.

What is included:

  • A 2-hour engaging, interactive and productive consultation where we will talk about your brand, where it is at, your objectives and how to get there.

  • What is behind your brand and what makes it truly unique

  • We will discuss and establish who you dream customers are

  • We will set the basis to craft messages that will appeal to your ideal clients

  • We will discuss how to increase awareness, the reputation, the image and the perceived value of your brand

  • You will leave with a full understanding of what a "brand" is and how the strategy that we will develop will help you build a stronger brand.

  • You will leave with not just ideas, but with actionable items and a solid strategy to get your brand off the ground and to the next level

This workshop will teach not only WHAT to do but HOW TO do it,

step-by-step and in a way that is easy to follow and easily actionable.

What you will receive at the end of the workshop:

  • A personalised 20-page Brand Blueprint workbook

  • A 90-Day Action plan mapping out your key goals and actionable tasks to get your plan off the ground following the workshop

  • A 60-minute post-workshop consultation call/meeting to follow up on your progress and discuss any questions that you may have. You may choose to have two thirty minute sessions

  • A 10-page Brand Reference Guide packed with resources to help you implement your brand strategy

  • A 12-month marketing planner to help you get started with a series of marketing tactics to complement the implementation of your brand strategy

Cost $600


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