Welcome to behind the scenes!

It is always exciting when, after a lot of thought and planning, a project sees the light and starts taking shape.

In this case, this blog has been in the making for quite some time now. Deciding on a meaningful name for it, what content to develop, making sure that it would be relevant and useful to the readers, the frequency in which it should be shared… so many thinks to take into consideration!

Finally, here it is!

In our blog you will find mainly two types of content:

1. What happens behind the scenes at the studio. – We will share projects being developed for clients, tips on productivity and on the daily running of a business. In some cases, we will delve into the challenges that clients are facing and we will explain what strategies have helped them solve their problems and achieve their marketing and business objectives.

2. What happens in the marketplace. – We will be sharing tips on entrepreneurship, running a business, starting one, best practice examples in the web space, the best marketing tactics and more….

Watch our for our monthly interviews where successful entrepreneurs will share their learnings and insights on their entrepreneurial journeys.

We hope that you enjoy this content and please share your feedback or suggest topics that you are interested in by using the comments box below.

I hope that you enjoy this space!

Ester Gomez, Studio Director